A brief word about names. I blog here using Conan as my nom de plume. Elsewhere, I fancy myself a more ethereal figure and self-refer as TheGhost. As the man in the movie says, neither of these is the “handle his lovin’ parents gave him.” Does this matter? I doubt it. Many who find this blog, the bulk, I imagine, will come to it from a personal referral by yours truly. Most of you, then, will know a priori of whom you read. As for the rest – I will separate you from the intimate details of my life pseudonymously. And that’s that. So for today, I greet one and all as Conan and, as Whitman, containing multitudes, I live to blog another day.

A postscript on the origins of “Conan”: I have been dubbed “Conan the Librarian” on my wife’s blog, and so I remain here for the sake of continuity. And while this inversion is no doubt intended to draw smiles when comparing mild mannered library work to a bare chested and bloodthirsty Arnold Schwarzenegger, I do at times feel a kinship with the latter when working the circulation desk. What is it about working with the public that cultivates in some of us an undercurrent of disdain for the human race?

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