I am, by trade, a librarian and by temperament, a slacker. Lately, librarians have taken to blogging by the thousands. Slackers have, lately, taken to very little. So here we are – the professional impulse to blog, and the personal desire for, well, naps. It being self evident that I have in some way succumbed to the blogging impulse, some explanation is in order.

For no reason other than personal preference, I refuse to publish the traditional “librar* blog“. Search for these and you will find dozens of posts critiquing the newest search engine, promoting the latest in social networking and generally talking themselves blue in the face over [trendy web 2.0 topic here]. I read these blogs. Occasionally I learn things. This is what we do as librarians. However, after reading the tenth post of the day about Twitter, I find myself rubbing my bleary eyes, scratching my head and trying to find a way out of the hall of mirrors that the world of library blogging can become. I do not wish to add my voice to that echo chamber.

Where does this leave me? Library blogger is out, and slacker blogger, well, no one reads a blog that gets updated once every few months. So I offer a third path – that of failed academic. On second thought, that label carries too many connotations to be convenient for my purposes. Let me just suggest then, that I was once adept at snowblowing my way through academic life. Crafting insightful papers out of small shreds of paragraphs in history textbooks and modern novels. Since high school I have been told that I write well. And, to my delight as a layabout this writing has always come to me easily. With some nudging (do not read: nagging) from my wife, I have begun to remember the joy of a well crafted sentence; the satisfaction of stringing syllables in a melodic symphony of coherent thought.

For the time being this blog will be a return to those halcyon days of doing exactly as much as I pleased and expounding on it at varying lengths. As one of our American politicians famously put it “A mind is a terrible thing to lose.” In the interest of keeping mine from straying into the woods alone after dark, I offer myself (and of course you, dear reader) this outlet for sporadic commentary of what I read, watch, experience and otherwise consume. And if that ain’t enough to keep you riveted, well, the Internet is a big place my friends. So tread lightly, and until next time…

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