A Psalm to start the Day

Waking up at 5:56, committed to meeting a friend at 6 AM for a three mile run. Already up at 12, 2 and 5 am overnight. Disoriented, disgruntled, half-awake but knowing that wakefulness is already upon me. No use staying in bed much longer.

To start another groggy day I am in search of something to help me re-frame this week. From Robert Alter’s translation, Psalm 19 v. 1-4:

1To the lead player. A David psalm.
2The heavens tell God’s glory,
and His handiwork sky declares.
3Day to day breathes utterance
and night to night pronounces knowledge.
4There is no utterance and there are no words,
their voice is never heard.

Hard to complain too much when you put it that way. Hard also to complain when that baby that kept you up at 12, 2 and 5 wakes up and gives you that familiar smile. Today let me listen to the day’s utterance of God’s wonder and be a conscious part of the creation that declares divine glory.

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