Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Chat Noir

OK slackers, time to kill off the rest of your Friday afternoon. No YouTube videos this week (what, now I’m responsible for keeping you glued to the pulse of young America?). Instead, I submit a delightfully frustrating flash game that pits your wits against that of a computerized, pixel cat.

Chat Noir

Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and by clicking the link, you already have) is to trap this demon cat inside the darkened spots of the game board. The game starts with randomly darkened circles. Use these wisely as you and the cat take alternate turns. The cat hops. You darken another circle. A not-so-deadly race to the edges of the board.

Once the cat hops off the board you lose, hanging your head in shame, unable to face your friends, family or co-workers after losing to a crudely animated feline. And yes, you will lose. Everyone suffers at least some bad luck at the hands of this black cat. Take comfort in the fact that this makes it all the more satisfying when you finally trap the beast and he arches his back, boxed in, awaiting his fate at the pound. Even cat lovers, myself included, can but grin with inordinate glee at this happy victory.

So without further ado, and if you haven’t already, go forth and waste your afternoon:

Chat Noir at Gamedesign via the excellent Jay Is Games blog.

3 Responses to “Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Chat Noir”

  1. Perm Says:

    Dammit, you have ruined me for hours and hours of work time with this game. ARGH!!

  2. Katie Says:

    just so you know, i got everyone at my work to start playing this :) including my boss…

  3. Conan Says:

    Sweet. My work here is done.

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