Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Frustration Edition

Not too many fun ‘n’ games going on in the ol’ County Library these days. In honor of the rich, clustery goodness that is our office management I invite you to bang your head against the wall with Sliding Blocks from Gamedesign. These are the same people who gave you Chat Noir so maybe they have a stable of evil geniuses designing games to frustrate you.

Anyhow, jump on over and try to liberate the large block from its stable. Much like the moving, prodding and herding around the library this week the task seems nigh impossible. In fact, if you figure it out drop a note in the comments. Yours truly has yet to find success. C’est la vie. Enjoy it slackers and here’s hoping for a few cheerier posts next week.

One Response to “Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Frustration Edition”

  1. Katie Says:

    I DID IT! but don’t ask me how…just being stubborn i guess. i’ll try again and see if i know what the trick is. besides just moving things around over and over and over…

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