Photo Karma – A Father’s Day Tree

I spent the weeks leading up to father’s day in a combination of denial and oblivion. Not that I don’t like being a father – far from it – but I’ve always been uncomfortable with Hallmark holidays and I feel that dads, by and large, have it easy. So father’s day snuck up on me and it wasn’t until maybe this past Saturday that I even acknowledged to myself that my first was upon me.

Since Rainey works Sundays we actually went out Saturday night to eat sushi and pick out my gift – a new Japanese Maple for the back yard. Rainey is one significant source of my embarrassment at being celebrated. In the midst of everything else she juggles, she had the time and thoughtfulness to think of and research a gift that both caught me by surprise and was one hundred percent perfect for the occasion. She had even picked out the tree and planned to have it sitting in the back yard when I got home from work Saturday except that she had Zeke on her hands and a band of terrible storms blew through town that afternoon. Hell, all I had to do was change him before I left for work and spend the day standing behind a circ. desk in an air-conditioned building.

Ultimately, I decided it was kind of cool being celebrated. After going out to buy the tree we had some good friends over for an impromptu father’s day cookout Sunday afternoon and a relaxing visit. And just so we didn’t forget who was boss, Zeke decided to make bedtime extra difficult that night, refusing to stay down and leaving us exhausted and with a kitchen full of dirty dishes. I will leave you with the far less tiring photographs of the tree, our landscaping before the tree goes in and a proud papa on his first father’s day.

Japanese Maple

Maple Leaves


First Father's Day

3 Responses to “Photo Karma – A Father’s Day Tree”

  1. Katie Says:

    hey, did you guys go to mr noodle for the sushi?

  2. Conan Says:

    nope. sucilee’s.

  3. walter Says:

    “Pretty proud papa, looking at me. Pretty proud papa, what do you see?”
    That’s a pretty sweet snapshot, my friend.

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