This is what I love about being a librarian…

Finding books like this:

As the SF Chronicle article wonders, I’m also not sure whether this is a laugher or something a bit more macabre. I suppose it’s a little of both. Any Simpsons fans out there may make the quick mental leap to Christopher Walken reading Goodnight Moon to the kids at the book festival. Now just imagine him reading lines like this:

“Goodnight Constitution. Goodnight evolution”
“And a quiet Dick Cheney whispering ‘hush’”

Yikes. I thought about saving this for a Friday fun ‘n’ games but those lines hit a little close to home. By dint of having, well, actually read the book the Chronicle reviewer gives this much better than the short shrift I can offer so head on over if you haven’t already, and here’s hoping the next eight years don’t provide half the fodder for works like this as the past eight.

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