And Now For Something Completely Different

The mighty Conan traveled great distances to ask my assistance in making his blog the bloggiest of all blogs.  Knowing my Slacker skills to be second only to his own, he yet was aware, searching that true conscience in the innermost of men’s hearts, of the one area of Slackerdom in which his compatriot Walter excelled, surpassing, even, himself: Moving Pictures.  And so after all matters of legality regarding financial compensation, marketing and promotional advertisement, etc. were agreed upon by both parties, it is with great pleasure that I announce the addition to The Net of one more Voice.  I, Walter, will post here in somewhat weekly fashion discussions of all things Film and Television. 

I watch a lot of movies and television shows, though I’m sure I come nowhere close to the hours logged by even moderate nerd bachelors. Nonetheless, in the spirit of fair and open dialogue, I feel compelled to reveal a few tidbits about myself which may prove useful to readers of future posts.  I adore Italian giallo films from the late 60’s through 80’s, especially the films of Dario Argento.  I will give the Coen Brothers carte blanche to place any images they so desire before my greedy eyes.  I love westerns.  I have never seen a Disney Pixar production.  I routinely cry during rerun episodes of MASH.  I am currently going through a bit of a Superhero phase, brought on not by the recent spate of big screen adaptations, but by the reading a year or so ago of Alan Moore’s graphic novel, The Watchmen.

Many thanks to Conan and the good folks over at for bringing this upon themselves, er, I mean, inviting me to ramble on and on about those things I find interesting, alarming, boring and what-have-you.  I welcome responses and debate and sincerely hope that if, after reading these many musings, you find your time to have been wasted, that it has been wasted in a most useful and satisfying manner.

2 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Conan Says:

    Welcome to the funhouse – we await your gilded musings on talkies, westerns, et cetera with bated breath. The royal we. The editorial…

  2. Rainey Says:


    huzzah and a hearty welcome. maybe we can live vicariously through you. we don’t get out much these days…

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