Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – I Met the Walrus

Back to the YouTube videos for this installment. An Oscar nominated video at that. Ain’t the Internet grand? Anyhow, what follows is an animation of then fourteen year-old Jerry Levitan’s lo-fi interview with John Lennon in a hotel room. Very cool animation to go along with the stream of consciousness conversation. Give it a peep and happy weekend.

Found at Virtualpolitik

2 Responses to “Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – I Met the Walrus”

  1. teambuildingexercise99 Says:

    this was great- thanks for posting it! :)
    -walter’s wife

  2. Peter Says:

    Great film, I was shocked at the quality of the animation. Here’s another new Lennon video, a previously unreleased peace seminar from 1969.

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