Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Small Fry

Well, it turns out that firework themed games, um, kinda suck. So instead of your dutifully patriotic fun ‘n’ games post here’s a tip from the good folks over at

This is a pretty simple maze/puzzle game and your job is to get the characters from one place to another. Pretty simple until you reach obstacles. Click and drag your little beastie to suit your whim (or to try and reach the goal) but you can’t drag through caves and they will walk inexorably in the direction they face until reaching a wall or other obstacle that forces them to turn. Each character has a different talent – one walks under water, one climbs, one is smart enough to avoid large drops. Later stages require teamwork so pay attention to your surroundings.

Not much else to this game. Exercise your problem-solving skills before going out there and gorging yourself on hot-dogs (or tofu-dogs) and straining your neck to see the fireworks. Until next week.

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