Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Bounceroid 2000

Saddle up for another exciting flash game for your Friday! Here’s another one that’s easy to understand but not so easy to master. All you have to do is direct the colored balls that drop from the sky to the right side of the board. Green to the left, blue to the right and grey to either side.

But, of course, there’s more. You get more points the closer the ball lands to the middle of the screen. Point areas range from 5 to 100. You can also bounce balls up to five times to increase the point multiplier. Don’t let the balls drop, or land on the wrong side or you lose a life. Lose too many and the game’s over. As the game progresses you get a few more power-ups but the idea stays the same.

We’re embedding the game this week a) because the site that hosts it gives out code to do so and b) because the site that hosts it is a little obnoxious in terms of advertising noise. As always, let us know if you love, hate, or can take-or-leave this fine game in the comments.

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