Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Polinko

If, like me, you grew up watching The Price is Right and being mystified at all the ads for laxatives, powered motor chairs and resort golf course living, then you will feel right at home playing Polinko. Even if you didn’t dream of hearing your name followed by a “Come on Down!” you’ll still probably catch on pretty quick.

The object of the game is to eliminate the red pegs. Like the Plinko that Bob Barker made famous, you drop the ball and it bounces from peg to peg drawn inexorably downward by gravity. The only difference is that after you hit the peg it disappears from the board before the next ball. Oh, and you can’t win fat stacks of cash by landing the ball in the right slot – just an extra ball if you miss all pegs or nail the prancing “free ball” widget at the bottom of the screen.

But I digress, go on and play but don’t get too carried away. You might just find yourself pining away for elderly white-haired gentlemen and going out to spay or neuter all the neighborhood animals.

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  1. Katie Says:

    i’m officially addicted to polinko! help!

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