Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Word Vine

Word association. We all do it, it’s one of the joys of having language. Now it’s one of the joys of playing games on the internet. This one goes out to all you word nerds and anyone who’s ever played the synonym game for hours on end. It’s also probably a good trick to keep your mind limber for that upcoming SAT, LSAT, GMAT or any other such acronym based standardized evaluation of your cranial capacity.

Word vine is a visual take on word association. The vine grows and you have to place the given words on the vine in a logical order. Each word must connect to a natural association (ie: Apple — Tree — House) but order is irrelevant (House — Tree — Apple also works). The word choices get progressively trickier as do your branch choices. The words turn green on the vine if it’s a valid association, red if you’re wrong and yellow if there are still choices pending.

Head on over and start associating. Happy Weekend.

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