Photo Karma – Calling all Knitters!

There’s an entire generation who grew up on videogames who are now translating their formative experiences manipulating pixels on a screen into more time honored hobbies. Generally, while I appreciate a Super Mario quilt as much as the next nerd, I tend not to obsess over such trinkets. I have, however, found one such item that I covet in the fully realized, Biblical sense from which the Hebrews were forbidden by the Almighty hisself.

And so I call all the knitters among you my readers to deliver me this knitted trinket. Your remuneration will be unending gratitude for saving my eternal soul from the sin of covetousness and ample photo documentation of baby Zeke rockin’ the hat in this webspace. I know an offer like that is irresistible, so here’s where you can find out how to make it, here’s everything you need to know about Katamari, and here’s the photo. Now get to work!

4 Responses to “Photo Karma – Calling all Knitters!”

  1. Sara A-G Says:

    Oh. My. Lord. I don’t know if my needles could handle such an Olympic feat in the (successful) creation of that hat. We’ll see.

  2. Sara A-G Says:

    The gauntlet has been thrown. I believe Mark fully supports this endeavor. And he probably wants one himself.

  3. Conan Says:

    Just remember – my immortal soul is at stake…

  4. walter Says:

    umm… I think you put it on the wrong end. Looks like a double barrel load catcher to me :) You’d probably want to line it with something though…

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