Banned Books Week

Well, another Banned Books Week is almost *ahem* in the books. This year it passed with little fanfare and people actually checked out both Ulysses and Tropic of Cancer! The book about Gay Penguins stayed on the display.

Against Banned Books by florian.b at flickr

In Lieu of your traditional Fun ‘n’ Games this Friday, I’ll recommend taking this quiz over at the Guardian to test your banned books kung-foo. Googling and other various forms of research are allowed. Only a perfect score gets you accolades and beware of scoring anything less than 60%. The good folks at the Guardian will treat a 7/12 score with disdain, suggesting that your ignorant cretin-ass may be the kind of stunted intellect who just might vote for Sarah Palin 1

And, while we’re here, check out this LA Times article about Obscene in the Extreme, a new book by Rick Wartzman about the controversy over John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. You can also head on over to ALA’s list of frequently banned books for the past several years and a nice primer on Banned Books Week basics.

That’s it for this week. Remember, watch out what you read and if they don’t think like you they’re against you!
1 Hey, they said it, I didn’t

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  1. Perm Says:

    Meh. I got 11 out of 12. Missed the one about children’s authors (I said Judy Blume). Go figure…

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