Election Mania

It’s generally understood that in polite conversation one does not stray into the murky waters of either politics or religion. It’s generally understood that large swaths of the so-called “blogosphere” rely on just these topics as their raison d’etre. In an attempt to split the difference, here are a few interesting links that are somewhat related to this election that I keep hearing about.

First, the (somewhat) practical. Glassbooth is a “nonprofit organization that is creating innovative ways to access political information”. More specifically, it’s a site that allows you to prioritize your interest in general issues, take a quiz on specific questions and returns a result on who your ideal candidate might be. Full disclosure: it turns out I’m some sort of radical leftist who chums around with domestic terrorists – my ideal candidate (84%) is Cynthia McKinney. Besides the quiz there are some other interesting features letting you explore what the candidates postions, records, etc. are on all the major issues.

Now for the less practical, but more fun tidbits. Please find here a cut-outable, foldable, Barack Obama paper toy. And, of course, the visual:

In the spirit of non-partisan fairness I searched for similar effigies of both Senator McCain and Governor Palin but, alas, came up empty. If you, dear readers, have any more luck than I in such a quest, please post links in the comments. In the interest of equal representation I suggest that you assemble the following, as it would probably be just about as absurd a figure as the “Killa from Wasilla” in the Oval Office.

5 Responses to “Election Mania”

  1. Tiffanie Says:

    According to glassbooth, I’m also 84% for Ms. McKinney as well. News to me!

  2. Rainey Says:

    First of all…welcome back to the blogosphere, Conan. You’ve been missed.
    Turns out I am even more radically leftist than you (strange)…
    89% Cynthia McKinney
    85% Ralph Nader
    76% Obama
    So. That either makes me really cool or a terrorist. It all depends on your pov or how you spin it, I guess.

  3. Perm Says:

    99% McKinney, bee-otch!

    Guess it’s high time I move to Finland.

    (oh, and 85 Nader, 66 Obama)

  4. Katie Says:

    95% mckinney, 86% nader, 80% obama. good to know!

  5. Walter Says:

    I enjoy our chumming around as well, but “domestic terrorist,” well, that’s taking it a little far!

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