Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Assembler

OK people, the fun ‘n’ games are back after a brief hiatus. I had initially planned a triumphant return, posting a half dozen or so games but with the economy the way it is, I figured we don’t need a global loss of productivity on that scale this afternoon.

So instead I bring you the humble but entertaining Assembler.

This one’s pretty easy to grasp and most of the levels aren’t too bad. There are some tricky ones though so never fear. All you have to do is set the green-tinted object (usually a box of some sort) into the outlined green box on the wall. Do so by clicking and dragging the various boxes, beams, etc. around the room until you can set the green one in its place. Nothing to it. Happy assembling and we’ll be back soon…

Assembler at Games for Work

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