Change has come to America

Feeling fairly confident of a Democtratic victory around 8 PM last night I began rehearsing in my mind the snarky witticisms with which I would open my gloating victory post. But after staying up to hear Barack Obama’s pitch perfect victory speech I was left with no lingering animosity and only warm fuzzy feelings about the direction our country is heading. A true breath of air after the last eight years.

While I do try to keep the blog a generally politics-free zone, I don’t think my personal leanings are any real secret. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear a president speak and immediately reveal that he understands nuance, has grasped the magnitude of his position and has a clear and inspiring vision for the country. So if you didn’t stay up past midnight to hear the speech and you didn’t tivo it, do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. Invoking Lincoln and evoking Dr. King, change has indeed come to America and not a moment too soon. Yes we can.

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  1. Walter Says:

    I was watching ABC’s coverage and one reporter commented on how “sober” Obama appeared onstage in Chicago. Well, I thought, Damn right! Perhaps it was simply shock on the reporter’s part at seeing a politician give the occasion an appropriate gravitas. It was a tremendous speech indeed, and quite moving– part of me wished to be surrounded by my countrymen whilst listening to it but the other part was happy to be in private with my emotions. How refreshing it is to hear a politician effortlessly string together words, but that those words seem to have some meaning behind them, and that he might believe in that meaning, is quite something. It’s a fine mess we’re in, but that’s one confident, steely lookin’ mofo!

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