Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Endless Migration

What’s that they say about being good for the goose? If you want to survive Endless Migration you’d better be quick or those nasty planes, storms, helicopters and blimps will surely get your gander.

Endless Migration

Your task is pretty simple. As flock leader your job is collect wayward geese who will obediently follow you in the classic flying V pattern. Unfortunately it looks like the air traffic controllers are on strike and Reagan isn’t around to order in the scabs. Look out above and below for all manner of flying craft and storms that will slow your progress. As your get deeper into your journey the air gets thicker and even the military gets involved1.

What gives this game a little more replay value than most dodge-and-dash avoidance games is the ability to earn upgrades. Faster wings, friendlier geese and even temporary invincibility are rewards for perseverance and each upgrade it worth it’s weight in feathers. Earn enough points for all of them and you’re a lean, mean flying machine.

So watch your back, protect your flock and let the feather’s fly! How long will you last in Endless Migration?

1 look out for quickly-vanishing stealth bombers!

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