Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Library Labyrinth

Today’s fun ‘n’ game comes from a recommendation by good friend and fellow blogger at this site Walter.  Do we detect some deeper going on when a man enrolled in an online LIS program sends us a game that involves evading guards and escaping a physical library building? Perhaps, dear reader. Perhaps.

Nevertheless, Library Labyrinth is a variation on a well heeled puzzle concept. You move one space while your opponent – the library security guard – moves two.  For all his freedom of movement, the guard is constrained by rules1. He moves horizontally first and cannot see over, under, around or through obstacles. And he has no hops; he is unable to hurdle desks, chairs or study carrols to snatch your punk-ass bald for talking above a whisper in his hallowed halls.

But I digress. The point is, you need to work your way through the library putatively in search of your lost sister2. Victory is within your grasp, but tread lightly. Woe betide the poor fool who gets caught in flagrante while treading among the sacred stacks. Good luck and happy weekend.

Library Labyrinth

1 RULES!? In a library!? Unthinkable.
2 The more realistic scenario being that you want to get your hands on that first edition of Dickens they have on display in the archives. But whatever.

2 Responses to “Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Library Labyrinth”

  1. Perm Says:

    I’m stuck on Level 7.

  2. Conan Says:

    Yeah, it gets a little tricky when they start throwing in multiple baddies.

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