Friday Fun ‘n’ Games – Wake the Royalty

Long has it been the pleasure of those not part of the establishment to knock – when possible – the elite from their metaphorical1 high horse. And so we arrive in this strange geometrical kingdom where the royalty seems borderline narcoleptic. What’s this!? Asleep with a kingdom to run? Surely this is a problem that no longer afflicts us this modern day!

Your task this Friday is to awaken these slothful royals and goad them to action. The mechanics are those of a traditional physics puzzle but instead of stacking pieces you combine them. As the game advances the Rube Goldberg machines get more complex and the puzzles a bit more tricky. But the satisfaction of knocking these peacocks off their perch never wanes. That’s about the sum of it folks. Happy weekend!

Wake the Royalty

1 and sometimes even actual.

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  1. Basilo Says:

    ^ Not even that, although that is how most coticerrve keyboards work.From what we can tell, this keyboard doesn’t even look at the gibberish that’s appearing. The keyboard on the screen is only to help the user, it’s not required at all. So any letters that show up are for aesthetic/reference purpose only? It seems the keyboard only looks where the dots are, where your finger touched, and figures out the word based on their distance/angle. Example being the word the will always have the e approx. two keyspaces left of the t , and the h about one keyspace below and to the right of the t . So if you type an imaginary the anywhere on the screen, it will probably guess that’s what you’re trying to type.

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