Monday’s Great Read for Kids – What’s that Noise?

In What’s That Noise? William Carman tackles that ever vexing question – just what exactly is it that keeps going Bump! in the night? Except in Carman’s rendition, it’s more like going “GGGGBBBBrrrrrvvccxxxxgggggiiiinnnnnbbbbbggg” in the night. Our hero is a young man who hears a noise and intrepidly seeks its source, giving the book a title in his incessant query “What’s that noise!?”

What's that noise!?

What indeed? The young lad’s imagination is fueled by everyday objects in his house and rendered on the page in fantastical black and white after each suggestion is proffered. His thoughts range from the mundane (are the neighbors mowing the lawn?) to the outlandish (is it a UFO landing in my back yard?) and even the truly terrifying (it sounds like a bear in mom and dad’s room!). Carman even nods to the motif of monster in the closet and throws in a slightly surreal octopus sighting.

Octopus in the bathtub

And like all decent bedtime stories this one ends happily. No, it’s not a bear in Mom and Dad’s room – it’s just Dad snoring the night away oblivious to all the commotion he’s causing throughout the household.  All is well as we turn the final page and see Mom, Dad and son sleeping peacefully and snore-free on the book’s endpaper.

Thus ends another recommendation1. The art and story both stand out in this one and you’ll want to head over to this interview at Seven Impossible Things and to William Carman’s own plot of real estate on the web to see more. Until next time…

And almost footnote free. You didn’t think you’d get off that easy did you?

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