Hello Out There

Let’s see, where were we? Oh yeah, that’s right – I was busily reviewing good kids reads, recommending time wasters for your workday and occasionally remarking on grown-up books I’ve read and the state of libraries and technology.

How time files when you’re having fun. Though idle on the intertubes for the past few weeks I assure you dear reader1 I have been a busy little bee.

So, for the sake of posting something, and at the expense of long-form coherence, here’s what I’ve been up to. Many of these could have been – and still may be – their own posts, but so it goes. In bullet form:

  • Presenting to the regional VEMA conference on recommending books to older teenage readers. Powerpoint here and book list here.
  • Reading Alex Berenson’s The Faithful Spy and The Silent Man – books 1 & 3 of his John Wells series. Short review – Pass. Slightly less short review – Berenson tries to shoehorn Baldacci’s Oliver Stone character into a John LeCarre novel. Just doesn’t work for me.
  • Taken up running again. Specifically, waking up about an hour-and-a-half before G-D himself and whipping my lazy butt back into shape.
  • Thinking about the National Broadband Plan supposedly being released today by the FCC. Hoping they will follow up on their ambitious goals with an actionable plan. CNN has an interesting take on the issue, highlighting a woman who makes her living designing websites but doesn’t have access to broadband in her home. Worth the read.

So that’s the news from down on the farm. Hopefully we’ll be back on a semi-regular basis with your weekly recommendations and ramblings. Until then.

1 Surely there’s at least one of you still out there. Yes? Hello?

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  1. Walter Says:

    Yes. Hello.

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