Cloud Searching for God

So I’m a Googler, you’re a Googler, Conan’s a Googler, we get it… But here in Gibberish land we like to search about a bit too. One of my favorite non-googling sites was Clusty, a meta search engine by Vivisimo, Inc. that clustered results topically under headings – good for general concept searching and allowing quick, easy relevancy-narrowing. Clusty was recently sold and is now Yippy, and Yippy is freakin’ weird. They sort of look like Clusty did, clustering results and whatnot, but they advance a religious patriotism that makes me cringe. To each their own, I s’pose, but it does beg questions about censorship, information rights, and the best ways going about making the internet safe for your family, those sorts of thing – mightn’t you use a less zealous kid-specific search engine, for example? Is this a good option at work? Mainly I’m mourning Clusty here. So what clustering meta engines do you fair LG readers employ for your dastardly web deeds? Surely not Yippy – it lacks all the turpitude and depravity I know you degenerates so desire… Ah well, guess I’ll have to Google around and find a replacement.

For those of you noticing Conan’s conspicuous absence of late, in a fit of football fever he got vuvuzelas stuck on his hands and can’t type. I suggested voice recognition software but it can’t make out the muffled ramblings of a madman amplified through the plastic horn either. Alas, we wait and wish him well.

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  1. Conan Says:

    I’ve always wanted my own personal apologist. So thank you, Walter. The football fever is starting to break with a mere four games left in this, the finest of all sporting tournaments.

    Just wandered over to Yippy and good gracious that’s a frightening sight. To wit, from their “about us” page:

    God controls all creative thought it’s what you do with it that defines who you are.

    Yikes. Perhaps scarier is that you have to search to uncover this God-related ethos, so you could possibly search the web endlessly without realizing relevant results are being filtered out.

    And now back to drawing up the paperwork that gives Google first dibs on my identity, earnings and mortal remains.

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