Creative Mayhem

We’ve all had the experience – a program crashes, customer service shuts off your internet instead of downgrading your cable, you can’t access your checking account. And, depending on temperment, circumstances, etc. we handle these situations with grace, aplomb, frustration, resignation or rage1.  Another response, of course, is humor. As Jerry Seinfeld once famously asked a telemarketer for his home number so he could call during dinner, we can often make our point, or at least offset our frustration with a gag.

The best of these I have seen lately come from one Garrett Murray who responds to Adobe Photoshop crashes with vigorous creativity. He blogs these responses here and I include a sample entry:

Adobe Crash

I hope Mr. Murray will take my imitation as the sincerest form of flattery as it is now my intention to do this with software crashes from this point forward. I’m sure this type of thing entertains the poor sap in technical support who gets these things, and it surely channels frustration better than banging things around2.

So, really I just wanted to pass on an entertaining link for your Wednesday morning but figured why not editorialize while I’m here. Head on over and enjoy it with your morning coffee, chai tea, or diet soda. Thanks to the folks over at Galley Cat for the catch!

1 one of my many failings
2 again, guilty.

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